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Root Canal Treatment in Canary Wharf.

Root canal treatment is done to teeth with infected nerve in the roots. Such teeth are often associated with pain and swelling. Root treatment involves cleaning the infection in the roots and making it as sterile as possible. It is then filled and may afterwards require a crown.

What are the other options?

These include no treatment at all or extraction. No treatment may lead to pain, swelling, loss of the tooth and spread of infection to other areas of the body which in rare circumstances can become life-threatening.

Is it painful?

You will be given local anaesthetic prior to treatment to numb your teeth before treatment.

How is the treatment done?

The dentist will drill into your numb tooth to get into the nerve lying in the canals. The infected nerve will be removed and the canals cleaned. Treatment may involve several visits and the dentist will place a temporary filling in the tooth between visits. The dentist will shape the canal with special files and a rubber like material will be used to fill the canals at the end to help prevent reinfection.

Is the proecdure always sucessful?

There are no absolutes in dentistry and any treatment can fail. The chances of failure are however  reduced in the hands of a skilled operator. Dr Culita has completed a postgraduate degree in root canal treatment which increases the chances of success.

What happens in cases of failure?

If treatment should fail, which is a rare occurrence, your dentist may advise re-treatment or extraction.

What happens after successful treatment?

Your dentist will advise how to maintain your teeth and also advise if you require a filling or a crown and what type.

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